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How to verify an employee's Social Security Number

How to verify an employee’s Social Security Number?

How to verify employee Social Security Numbers? If you’re an employer that has employees working for the business you owe, you can get much use of the tools offered by the Social Security Administration. You can verify employee Social Security Numbers using the SSA’s Business Services Online. This is good for employers to handle many …

Payroll Tax Rate 2021Social Security, Medicare, Income Tax

Payroll Tax Rate 2021|Social Security, Medicare, Income Tax

Employers are required to withhold taxes from the employees’ income to pay different taxes. The taxes are taken out of the employee’s income when processing payroll is known as the payroll taxes and there is more than one kind of payroll tax. We can put the payroll taxes in two different categories: FICA taxes and …

2021 Standard Deduction Announced

2021 Standard Deduction Announced

The Internal Revenue Service announced the 2021 standard deduction in late-October. The standard deduction is something that concerns millions of taxpayers, an increased standard deduction is only going to contribute to the number of people who claim it on their federal income tax returns. Last year, more than 90 percent of American taxpayers claimed the …